The Agency

Impact Strategy

More than anything else, we are an agency defined by constant adaptation. Like chameleons, we know how to adapt to match our clients’ needs and adopt their values. We are not afraid to challenge their thinking in order to meet their objectives, whether that is increasing their brand’s desirability or its reputation. We choose actions that have a meaning; we cultivate performance through pertinence.

In our influence strategies, we value experience, creativity and the right connections in order to multiply the impact of your message.
Our motto is to hit the right spot, at the right time, with the right audience.

Media Relations

  • Strategic consulting
  • Brands & products
  • Corporate & CSR
  • Made-to-measure activations (written press, web, TV, radio)
  • Media training
  • Crisis communications
  • International coordination
  • Media space purchasing & partnerships

Influencer Relations

  • Strategic consulting
  • E-reputation management
  • Influencer mapping (Instagrammers, Youtubers, bloggers, Tweeters, experts, etc.)
  • Paid and non-paid influencer engagements
  • Prescriber initiatives (brands, points of sale, media personalities)

Social Media Management

  • Editorial strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Community management
  • Social media advertising

Retail Communication

  • Strategic consulting
  • Increasing traffic at points of sale
  • Display assistance
  • Cross-marketing campaigns

Brand Content

  • Production of editorial, visual and digital content:
  • Storytelling
  • Artistic direction
  • Photos & videos
  • Collaborations and co-branding


  • Artistic Direction
  • Conception
  • Production
  • Scenography
  • Guest invitations

David Zmirov

With a background in advertising and events and a longstanding passion for the media, David’s intuition and versatile talents pushed him to step out of the traditional boundaries of PR and invest in new horizons.

He first made a big impact in the 90s, using product placement to position urban brands as a favourite in the art world, thus creating a “snob” appeal that rapidly drew in the public. David found that immersive events also helped cement a brand’s visibility, so the agency opened a dedicated events department.
At the end of the noughties, David realised the potential of digital and decided to create a dedicated influence department, today recognized as one of the most influential. More recently, the agency transformed the boutique next door into its own pop-up store.

As a pioneer in the evolution of PR, David Zmirov is on the board of directors of the SCRP, a syndicate of PR agencies.



A few meters away from rue Etienne Marcel, our showroom is a key part of who we are. Occupying 700m2 over several floors, our loft showroom plunges journalists and influencers into a true brand experience. Under our artistic direction, different worlds come together, frequently leading to new collaborations.

Pop-up Store

Just a stone’s throw from our showroom, we have an adjustable space that can be transformed just as easily into a pop-up store as an events space. It offers visitors a uniquely immersive brand experience.