Influencer relations



Use a digital influence strategy to increase the visibility of Club Med’s new brand campaign.

Action plan

  • Reveal a teaser of the campaign to an important outlet with strong prescriptive power, Fubiz (endorsement, impact, influential audience) via dedicated articles and social media pushes.
  • Partnering with a group of influencers from different communities (food, travel, lifestyle and sport) during the first week of the campaign. On each day, we targeted a different influencer with a different kind of experience, to highlight Club Med’s values and offerings.
  • We sent a Club Med kit, covering the brand campaign rollout (with video), to the press, including communications outlets.


  • 5000 views of the Fubiz articles; 30,000 people connected with the brand on social media
  • 16 influencers participated, diffusing 66 posts and stories, with a total cumulative reach of 2,030,000
  • 20 press clippings on the brand campaign, including in CB News, ADN, Top Com and others