décoration / art de la table



Leboncoin is the largest French website, reaching 1 out of 2 French people. An essential part of everyday life, it may still lack desirability and modernity in the eyes of some users.


The agency’s objective is to align the perception of the site with its values and its offer by nourishing its home / decoration side and to reinforce the nugget finder aspect by putting the emotional benefit back at the heart of our strategy by (re)connecting with prescriptor targets.


In terms of influence, this translates into the creation of a crew of influencers called “leboncrew” with 4 inspiring & prescriber profiles. The crew is activated throughout the year via chine experiences on the site and thematic or free content creations.


However, these content creations remain rather solitary and do not allow us to create a link between our different members. Leboncoin is also a brand that is not very embodied and it is essential to create a link with content creators to be able to meet, get to know each other and exchange ideas… and this is all the more true after 2 years of the Covid crisis.


How can we maximize our members’ engagement by giving them a 100% Leboncoin experience?


Create a unique moment around second hand: by offering content creators the opportunity to meet and exchange with Leboncoin teams in a universe 100% affinitive with the brand and with a programme in line with its values.


The good banquet: 3 days with leboncrew (and their +1) in a domain located in the Perche region of France, entirely furnished & decorated with second hand objects (most of which were found on Leboncoin by the owner) and offering an ultra desirable decoration, an ideal setting for creating content.


On the spot, DIY workshops around china and the circular economy are carried out, taught by leboncrew who share their passions:

Denim jacket painting led by @wiwoos to give old clothes a new lease of life – all the items used for the workshop were bought on Leboncoin
Creation of scrunchies led by @fannyb from fabric scraps to give new life to clothes that are no longer wearable – all the items used for the workshop were bought on Leboncoin
Art of the table class given by @home_marie_charlotte using the mothballed crockery available on the estate
Market cooking class by @celinemarks to promote local and seasonal products
Creation of light fixtures from old crockery found on Leboncoin, organised by the agency – all the elements used for the workshop were bought on Leboncoin



On the menu? A local and locavore caterer offering zero waste & vegetarian cuisine to reduce our ecological impact to a minimum.


  • 286 stories published
  • 9 publications feed Instagram: 6 posts / 3 real
  • 21 563 900 impressions
  • EMV : 119 650 € (Ayzenberg method)
  • Budget invested for the event: €20,000
  • Return on investment: 500


4 influencers between 50 and 105 k members of the right crew

Fanny B : https://www.instagram.com/fannyb/ – 104 k subscribers
Home Marie Charlotte : https://www.instagram.com/home_marie_charlotte/ – 53 k subscribers
Wiwoos : https://www.instagram.com/wiwoos/ – 88 k subscribers
Céline Marks : https://www.instagram.com/celinemarks/ – 102 k subscribers


2 influencers invited by the crew :

A Sunday Morning Perrine : https://www.instagram.com/asundaymorningperrine/ 32 k subscribers
Lucie Rose Mahe : https://www.instagram.com/lucie.rose.mahe/ 111 k subscribers


Le bon banquet: a unique moment in the Perche region of France to create content around second hand and the circular economy, designed by and for leboncrew, the annual Leboncoin influencer crew.

A trip 100% in line with the brand’s values and organised by buying all the material on the platform.